Community Guests

Bobby Seas
Bobby Seas has been the host of My Little Millionaire since 2013, making it the longest running brony game show. Having performed at pony cons starting in 2014, he loves making the audience feel like they’re in a TV broadcast. Outside of the brony fandom, Bobby also occasionally uploads shorts and videos to his YouTube channel, where he’s gained over 7,000 subscribers thanks in part to his videos appearing on the streams and videos of “JimmyHere”. Bobby enjoys howling at the moon and sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon, though he’s not a fan of puppeteers.


Hiking all the way out here from Ireland for some reason, CaptainHoers is a fandom old who’s been drawing horses since 2011. You may remember such weirdly disconnected works as Ask Firestarter Spitfire, Fallout Equestria: Duck and Cover, Spitfire’s Day Off, the Sunjackers, Nighthaze, Stardust... He’s done animations and production design for multiple conventions, started designing tabletop games for some reason, he recently started doing 3D animation - honestly his career is all over the place.

Cole Donnerstag

Cole Donnerstag is a true friend of PMVs. He runs the YouTube channel Studio Cinemagic with the goal of creating high quality cinematic PMVs for all to enjoy. His PMV Series “The Journey Once More” officially began this past November! His work was awarded Best in Show at both the 2019 BronyCon and 2023 HarmonyCon PMV Contests. Cole is also a part of Ponies the Anthology! He’s usually up to some sort of shenanigans, so be on the lookout for him! He’ll be the one wearing a pony shirt, that should narrow it down.

CosmicKeyframe Productions

CosmicKeyframe is a creator from the cosmos and beyond! Whether she’s making shadowboxes in the vendor hall or running around on the charity auction stage, Cosmic is also creating videos for herself, or being part of Team Saberspark, onscreen talent at DAGames, or on SaltyDKDans “Pokemon Friendlocke”.

Crackle’s Cousin Cosplay

Crackle’s Cousin Cosplay is an award winning cosplay group dedicated to inspiring creativity through their next level cosplays and bringing to life MLP show events like Buckball. Dedicated to upholding the elements of harmony in all they do, Crackle’s Cousin Cosplay is a strong contributing member to the convention experience. They are International Cosplay Contest organizers and judges. You may also recognize them as some of your favorite convention mascots. They look forward to seeing you at HarmonyCon once again.

Equestrian Wastelander

The Equestrian Wastelander is a Convention Veteran in the Brony and Anime Community, as well as the Furry, Comic and Gaming communities. Having attended over 80+ conventions and having worked as Staff and Volunteer for more than half of those, he knows all the ins and outs for helping make your time at a convention one well spent. He never turns down a question and always eager to help someone out with advice He is also the Voice Actor for Deadshot Calamity in the up-coming Fallout Equestria: The Animated Series, the co-founder of the largest Fairy Tail cosplay group in Texas, the "Fairy Tail Texas Guild”, an aspiring Fan-fic author, a Storyteller/Worldbuilder, and a small-time collaborative vocalist.

Fiaura The Tank Girl

Fiaura is the writer of Fallout: Equestria Dead Tree, the current final of the Big Side Stories and is working on something new, an original work. In addition to this, she works tireless in the realm of science and understanding to look at things from the perspective of: “How does that work if I do the math?” Fiaura has analyzed My Little Pony, Dozens of Anime, Fandoms as a whole instead of just the work they are apart of, Fan Fiction, and Sci-Fi TV shows all in the name of working towards understand the Why we like something and How to make it work within the bounds of our reality

Friendship is Content

Two gay gals - Emily (Oomles), a decade-old brony and Echo (RazzPony), a new ad- dition to the fandom - take a deep and comedic dive into My Little Pony: Friend- ship is Magic to think way too profoundly about this show for children. In their quickly growing podcast, they horse around, summarize, review, and rate every single episode from the very beginning. Emily is a full time artist who has been draw- ing cartoon critters for well over a decade, and ponies have played no small part in that journey. Echo is her cohost who writes novels, fanfiction, and is the official workhorse (pun intended) behind the editing of the show.


GabiShy is a YouTuber best known for her MLP Fanfic Readings. They first got into My Little Pony in late 2013 before returning to the series in April 2021. Shortly afterward, she soon found herself listening to multiple fanfic readings and eventually took a stab at it in July 2022 with her friend. Since then, she has gone on to do several projects, including narrating stories like “Study of The Mind Delve” by SamRose, “The Greatest Gift is You” by Level Dasher, along with appearing on TheLostNarrator’s channel as a voice actor for her reading of “Debt To Society,” just to name a few.

Hibiscus Stitch

Hibiscus Stitch has been sewing since 2005, vending at cons since 2015, and has been with the fandom since the start. She makes professionally designed and lovingly hand crafted plushies as well as con vlogs and making of plush short videos that have garnered quite the following. She hopes to encourage more people to give their art dreams a try, fully believing that anyone can sew!

Jack Scootertrix

Hello. I created Scootertrix the Abridged and make Generation 1 parody videos! I can also juggle! A jack of all trades basically.


JoeyO is an American Film Director, Content Creator, YouTuber and Actor. Joey is known for his MLP in real life YouTube series called Pony Meets World. A YouTube series that caught the attention of millions of fans worldwide. He has also appeared on Movies and TV shows. Joey is a stage 4 cancer survivor and he continues to inspire the community!!


Lerovun is a newer content creator in the fandom, creating all you’d ever want to know about the pointless pony topics within My Little Pony, while always sporting a goofy approach!

Lightning Bliss

I’m Lightning Bliss, I represent the spunky rainbow Alicorn in the Brony Analysis Community, I’m a proud member of the Secret Rift Cafe as well as the Blue Team’s “Heavy” and Lead Editor for Josh Scorcher’s and DRWolf’s TF2: Analysis Anarchy Series! When I’m not reviewing or editing for episodes for TF2 Analysis Anarchy, I’m creating episodes for my Magic Lesson series, where my OC tries to learn how to control her magic, work on her artwork and animation, or is up to silly shenanigans with her friends amongst the Brony Community! I’m also represented by my other characters, such as Twink, my pet rainbow monster, and my other two colleagues Solar Flare, and ChuggleDBuggle, my loyal guards. Whether at a con or through my content I strive to represent myself as a Brony who loves rainbows and try to share them with everyone, make new friends and meet the fans!


Best known as "The King of Dreams," LunaBrony started his journey in the MLP fandom in 2015 as a YouTuber. He is also a news journalist and CEO for "Las Noticias MLP," which has been providing MLP news stories since 2017. LunaBrony is also passionate about culture, art, and videogames. He regularly contributes to "PonyLatino," which brings MLP news to its users all across Latin America. He is a big-hearted brony who strives to be a positive representation of the ASD community

Minty Root

The rootiest of mints! Join fan animator turned industry professional Minty Root. You may recognize his work on projects such as Missing Out, Luna’s Determination, The Beginning of Harmony, and many more!


Mr_Some1, also known as Maynard, is a newer creator in the fandom who is most well known for his podcast, Out of Our Manes, where he and his friends ramble about colorful horses, and sometimes talk with other creators about their experiences with content creation. He also runs the social media for the pony news site, Daily Dose of Pony, and is part of the “”Co”” in the Taylor and Co. Hangout Podcast. He’s always working on new projects with his friends, so you’ll probably see his name in various collaborative efforts in the fandom. As an aspiring funnyman, he’s always doing his best to entertain and engage. His friends are easily his best attribute, though, as he wouldn’t be doing the things he does if not for the amazing people he’s become close with in the fandom in recent times.


Nevaylin is an artist, streamer, frequent panelist, and kinda funny horse in the My Little Pony community. They’re best known for their “My Little Pony Facts” parody account and for designing HarmonyCon’s mascots, Harmony Star and Harmonic Tune. Nevaylin has run dozens of panels at over 20 conventions they’ve attended since 2017, and they hope to bring more for years to come.


Jesse “Nowacking” Nowack is an actor and writer, known for his work across many different fandoms. He’s a member of TeamFourStar, has over a decade of experience in voice over, and is a video editor for Saberspark and Quinton Reviews. Bronies might know him as the voice of Vinyl Scratch and Littlepip in various fan works. Most recently, he can be heard as Masaki in FLCL: Shoegaze and Cyrus in Wild Card. He also streams on Twitch and is currently working on his second poetry book.

Pearmare Animation

I was once a SFM animator back in 2014, and I am back with many more animation tools up my sleeve! I post animated MLP content to my YouTube channel Pearmare Animation. There I learn and grow as an animator. I hope to do the pony community proud! ^_^

Princess Cadance

ZizzyDizzyMC (Princess Cadence) is a cybersecurity engineer known for starting The Pony Archive. She specializes in hard drives, but when the time for a convention comes she dons her suit and it’s time to Ca-DANCE! It’s about the smiles, the entertainment, the hype. Living in the moment and making the best of it!

Red Card

Red Card is a sports brony and a certified soccer/football referee. He dresses up as a referee at conventions and knows pretty much everything there is to know about the rules of the most watched sports in the world. He also does convention vlogs on YouTube, and has been going to conventions since 2013. Red is also a huge cartoon enthusiast. He hosts a “Cartoon Night” event in the BlepCon Discord server every Wednesday Night.


Originally a My Little Pony skit creator on YouTube, RemenissionViolet makes a lot of mostly short SFM videos that he is constantly trying to improve on with a goal to be the best animator he can possibly be some day!


The riffers of ponies, the tweeters of twits, the boomers of boxes - it’s not your grandmother’s ponies; it’s RIFFPONIES! Straight from the armpit of the country known as “New Jersey” comes the snarkiest pair of pony panelists in the fandom, led by Pony panelist extraordinaire Thoth Penswell & Pony fan-artist/animator Acesential! From making fun of bad pony cartoons, to alcoholic My Little Pony trivia games, to crowning the fandom’s Next Top Artist & much much more, 11 out of 10 horse doctors STILL agree; RiffPonies are guaranteed to deliver you plenty of laughs and plenty of surprises all weekend long!

Silver Quill

Starting off with making MLP comics and eventually becoming a reviewer on YouTube, Silver Quill forged an identity by combining classical, archetypal studies with modern day entertainment. Along the way, he has been squished, squashed, ground up and down, and found several varieties of explosions. A little slapstick helps makes the video more fun. Join him for panels on both the entertainment and the ideas behind it.

Step 2 Harmony

Step 2 Harmony is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cosplay and dance cover group that consists of members from Texas, who cosplay a variety of characters from the My Little Pony franchise and beyond! We plan to bring you in-cosplay dances with original choreography for songs from both FiM and EQG series, elaborate cosplay, and fun panels. Can’t wait to see everypony there!”


Taylor has been a part of the brony fandom since 2016 after a close friend told him about the show when he needed it the most. He is seen by the community as a positive influencer, friend to all, and is well recognized for supporting community artists and vendors. He hosts a hangout event in the BlepCon discord server called “Webcam Hangout” every Tuesday night to give folks that “being back at a con feeling” virtually. He also does a variety of panels at cons such as “Pony Life is Magic”, “Glimmer Gang Unleashed” to name a few. As you can tell from his outfit, he is a huge fan of a certain character that, well…shows off the “Glimmer Gang” pride. He also provides sports commentary for Crackles Cousin’s Buckball tournaments. Whenever he isn’t fantasizing about Starlight Glimmer, he is also heavily invested in auto racing. You can always find him on Twitter talking about any and all things….. yeah you get the idea.

The Nameless One

Hulloo everypony, I’m the Nameless One! I do regular D&D streams on Saturdays and Sundays. Join the Peacemakers as they defend the ponies of Equestria from ancient threats. That not quite your style? Then join the survivors of the Lost Memories campaign as they attempt to piece together the past of a devastated Equestria. Regardless of which you decide to follow, we are thrilled to have you and hope you enjoy your stay.


I started making My Little Pony videos in the Spring of 2012 fresh out of high school, I like to focus on the obscure and not well known aspects of Friendship is Magic whether it be Rare Merch, Lost Episodes, Behind The Scenes Development, Analysis and Literature on Books/Comics. I also dabble into other various My Little Pony topics such as Reviews, Convention Vlogs, Voice Acting, PMV’s and so much more.

Vinson Visions

I’m a full time professional 3D Artist that creates 3D animation in my free time. Here you’ll find 3D art and animation that involves Sci-Fi, ponies, and more!

Vivid Syntax

Romance! Comedy! Slice-of-Life! Hopeful stories that make you cry REAL hard! Vivid’s written it all, and he recently added “coordinate a 100-person writing collaboration” to his resume as the Experience Director for Ponyville Ciderfest 2023: An Interactive Storytelling Adventure.