Bill Newton

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Bill Newton, was born September 19th, 1928 in Walla Walla, Washington to father Otto, a farmer and mother Audrey, and opera singer.

By Age 10, he had a large collection of comic books and starting in 1939, Batman (who appeared in Detective Comics) made a big impression on him.

Newton got a job as a disc jockey at a local radio station fresh out of college and after travelling through Europe following his army service, he got work on a children's program filming in Hawaii, and in 1959 he came to Hollywood.

After seven years in tinsel town, he achieved momentous fame in his signature role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the hit tv show "Batman (1966)" and the subsequent movie version, "Batman (1966)" made him an international.

Nicole Oliver

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Nicole Oliver has worked for over thirty years in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and director. Ms. Oliver has been nominated by her peers for several Leo Awards for her work on both the small and big screen, winning Best Performance by a Female in a webseries (NARCOLEAP), and has won the UBCP/ACTRA award for Best Voice for her work in animation. In 2014, UBCP honoured Nicole as their Woman of the Year in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the Union, the industry, and causes of social justice. This multi-talented, incredibly busy mother and professional has mastered the balance between family and work, and has furthered her education with a Masters of Arts in Communication from Royal Roads University (2011). She is the recipient of both the Founders Award for leadership and sustainability and the Chancellors Award for highest academic achievement.

The multifaceted Ms. Oliver is in high demand in the television, feature film, animation, corporate communications, advertising, and video game markets. She has provided her voice-over expertise to hundreds of companies including AMERICAN EXPRESS, WIRELESS WAVE, CLUB HOUSE, and MCDONALDS, and she has voiced innumerable animation programs such as THE DRAGON PRINCE, MY LITTLE PONY, TOM AND JERRY, and the LEGO and BARBIETM franchises.

Ms. Oliver's credits in film and television as a performer include numerous leads in various MOWs, television shows, and feature films in both Canada and the United States (See for a more detailed list of credits). Nicole has also recently added Voice Director to her resume. Highlights include ENCHANTIMALS for Mattel, EGGVENTURERS for YouTube, ZENKO GO for Dreamworks, and the Peabody and Emmy nominated MOLLY of DENALI for PBS/CBC.

Ms. Oliver believes that diversification is the key to success, and that with success in life there can be balance. She resides in Vancouver with her husband and their two sons.

Thom Zahler

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Thom Zahler is a comic book creator and animation writer. He's written and drawn for IDW's My Little Pony series in which he's brought back Flutterbat, turned the Mane Six evil, and chronicled the Pinkie and Cheese love story. He created the Line Webtoons hit series Cupid's Arrows and Warning Label as well as the Harvey and Ringo-nominated Love and Capes (recently with new volumes “Home for the Holidays" and "In the Time of Covid"), Long Distance and the time-traveling wine comic Time and Vine. And has written for Disney Tsum Tsum Kingdom, Star Trek Waypoint and more. He has written for Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man, and Knights of the Zodiac.

Tony Fleecs

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Tony Fleecs is a prolific and critically acclaimed comic book creator and TV writer. His work has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the United States and has been translated and reprinted all over the world. Tony's creator owned books include STRAY DOGS (2021,) LOCAL MAN (2023,) TIME SHOPPER (2022,) and JEFF STEINBERG CHAMPION OF EARTH (2016,) You've seen Tony's art on some of your favorite titles like Star Wars, Rick & Morty, Avengers, Spider-Man, Batman, TMNT, Transformers and just a literal TON of My Little Pony.