COVID-19 Policies for HarmonyCon 2023

In an ongoing effort to prioritize the safety of our attendees, the following policies will be in effect for HarmonyCon 2023:

  1. Proof of Full Vaccination OR Negative Test Result will be required
  2. Masks will be required for entry in the vendor hall, kids’ event space, autograph room, and any event which includes close contact with the guests of honor.

Proof of Full Vaccination

The number of vaccine doses you need to be considered fully vaccinated is any one of the following:

*Talk to your healthcare or vaccine provider about the timing for the second dose in your primary series. You should not get the second dose early.


The last shot must be administered at least 14 days prior to badge pickup. Either physical or electronic copies of documentary proof from the administering healthcare provider will be accepted (e.g., physical vaccination card, digital photo, screenshot, or QR code). Copies and photographs must include the full front of the document and must clearly show the name of the vaccinated individual and the dates of each shot. Proof of vaccination must also clearly show the vaccinated individual has received one of the vaccines approved by the FDA or WHO. Proof of prior COVID-19 infection and recovery will not be accepted as an alternative to proof of vaccination.

Negative Test Result

"Attendees may provide a negative test result from an antigen (also known as a rapid test) or PCR (also known as a lab test) COVID-19 test taken on or later than February 13th, 2023. Testing must be performed by a healthcare provider (including clinics, stand-alone testing sites, or telehealth proctoring), and full test results and the name of the tested individual must be visible. Either physical or electronic copies of test results from the health care provider will be accepted (e.g., physical test report or digital photo or screenshot). Notification SMS text messages will not be accepted as an alternative to full test results from a testing health care provider. Self-testing-kit test results will only be accepted if taken and documented via telehealth proctoring.

While we don’t anticipate limiting events based on vaccination status, it is possible some events may be unavailable to those not fully vaccinated. Additionally, HarmonyCon safety policies are subject to change as conditions and official guidance continue to change.

Mask Policy

Regardless of vaccination status, all attendees above 2 years of age will be required to wear masks or other face coverings when in designated areas and events including:

Masks and other face coverings must fit snugly against the wearer, must cover all airways (e.g., must be worn over the nose), and must be consistent with CDC guidelines which you can find here:

The following types of masks and face coverings are not acceptable due to insufficient ability to reduce transmission of the coronavirus:


HarmonyCon will treat all health-related information provided as confidential and will not retain copies of such information.

Hotel Policies

While these new policies will be enforced within the convention spaces, please note that these policies do not apply to other areas of the Sheraton. Other areas of the hotel are subject to their own rules and policies. Attendees are expected to comply with hotel staff and guidelines as well.

Sickness Policy & Risk Acknowledgement

For the health and well-being of all attendees, please do not attend HarmonyCon 2023 if you are or have reason to believe you may be sick or infected with COVID-19. If you develop symptoms while at the convention, please self-quarantine and follow CDC guidelines for those who are or may be sick ( All attendees will be required to certify they do not reasonably believe themselves (and any minors for whom they are responsible during the convention) to be infected with COVID-19 when picking up their badges at registration.

Attendees will also agree to a COVID-19 Risks and Responsibilities Acknowledgement requiring the following:

More information regarding COVID-19 symptoms is available from the CDC at

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please email [email protected].

Refund Policy

We understand that certain health and safety protocols may prevent you from attending HarmonyCon this year. Requests for refunds may be sent to [email protected] until the end of January 27th, 2023. After January 27th, 2023, refunds will be handled on a case by case basis, with our best efforts made to accommodate those unable to attend due to the possibility of infection.