Cosplay Rules

We invite all attendees to show their costume ideas, known as cosplays, at HarmonyCon! Cosplaying helps bring out the creative talents that people have to a welcoming event space of all creative minds. If you are unsure whether any piece of your cosplay violates policies, the Safety team will be able to assist you with making sure you are all set! With that in mind, we want attendees to follow the policies for cosplays as listed below:

Please understand that the Safety team or leadership of HarmonyCon will have final say on whether a cosplay item is acceptable. Any cosplay items found to be in violation of these policies will be confiscated and released back to the attendee once the attendee is departing all convention spaces. If another offense happens with the same or similar cosplay item, the attendee will potentially be banned from the convention for obvious noncompliance.